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Hi, I’m Dina! I am a Certified Life Coach and a Reiki Master. Throughout my whole life, my curiosity, passions, and intuition have guided me to continue my journey of self-improvement so that I may in turn help others do the same.

My latest achievement has been to become a Certified MyIntent Maker so I can continue my passion for being a catalyst for meaningful conversation and positive energy in the world.


Through my own life, I’ve experienced a lot of pain and suffering. From losing my father when I was only 12, to being subjected to the whims of a narcissistic mother, to being thrown out of the house for being gay. My life hasn’t been easy, but I’m still here.

It is my duty to show others that overcoming your past can be done with pride, courage, and dignity. So I walk my talk every day and will continue to do so for the rest of my life.

I believe wholeheartedly that we are the creators of your own lives. We have the power to change our situations and manifest anything we desire in the world. I’ve help hundreds of women heal from their own destructive behaviors and find peace through my coaching and healing practices. 

Now I get to use one more life altering tool to do it. Thank you MyIntent.org for allowing me to partner with you on this amazing new journey. Are you ready to ACTIVATE your intention? Click here to start!



My Words: Warrior Woman, I Am Strong, I Am Enough, Courage, Survivor, Live My Truth, Unbreakable, Fearless, No Regrets, Thrive, Self Love, Hope, Grateful, This Is Me.

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